21.06.2019 | World Vitiligo Day 2019 kicks-off in Sugar Land

Hi there,
June 21st might be one of 2019 most important dates for all of us this year. That’s because the conference themed "The Mental and Medical Journey of Living with Vitiligo - The Journey Starts with ME!"  in Houston (TX) kicks off the World Vitiligo Day celebrations. So much information packed into just three days.
A panel of well-known speakers will cover various subjects, from new research discoveries through treatments to coping with vitiligo effects (program, PDF). But you don’t have to attend all the presentations in three days. The main events will take place on June 22. Catching just half a day of your favorite speakers live is an exhilarating experience. You can’t replicate it on video, it isn’t the same.
Personally, I can't wait to hear what Dr. John Harris has to say about excellent results of Phase II clinical trials for topical ruxolitinib, a selective JAK inhibitor. If all goes well in the Phase III trails scheduled for late 2019, this compound could be the first FDA-approved medical treatment to reverse vitiligo. For plain language details check announcement from Incyte or download a scientific presentation from UMass, — if you aren't easily scared by graphs and formulas.
The whole concept of synergistic therapies for vitiligo has been around for quite a while — like bFGF peptide lotion currently marketed in India but patented worldwide. It's therapeutic effects are usually hit or miss, in my practical observation. But new approaches to disrupting the signaling pathways and other anti-autoimmune therapies under development seem to be distinctly different, or else we'll be witnessing a messy patent battle.
However, if you can't physically be present at the conference — like most readers — I hope to transmit this collective excitement and wisdom somehow through the live stream either on the official WVD Facebook page  or our Instagram. So if you’re at all interested vitiligo matters, don’t deprive yourself of the fun and save June 22nd for your virtual attendance. 
Yan Valle
CEO VR Foundation


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There are a lot of people who don't want you to stand up for your rights and demand a cure. They say vitiligo is not life threatening and not contagious, and you must embrace a life of a pariah, hiding yourself from sunlight and from the society.

Vitiligo is an under-researched disease resulting in milky white skin patches on the skin. The breadth and complexity of the disease require international collaboration in therapy development. The severity of the disease calls for national healthcare support.

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