Firmly committed to curing Vitiligo, the VR Foundation is the only non-profit organization funding and fast-tracking vitiligo research globally. We are challenging vitiligo with educational and medicinal enlightenment. We educate; we advance knowledge; we care. We are the VR Foundation.


Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF), is a not-for-profit, patient–driven, patient-advocate organization incorporated in Nigeria and passionately concerned about the rights and well-being of individuals living with vitiligo and skin imperfections primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa.

VITFriends is a non-profit organization based in Boston (Massachusetts) with the mission to raise public awareness and offer education about vitiligo. As we support and encourage, we aim to enhance the quality of life of those affected by vitiligo through our efforts of networking and sharing of information. We want to UNITE for the purpose of supporting, encouraging and building each other. 

Vitiligo Bond Inc is an awareness, empowerment and support group in Atlanta (Georgia) with a worldwide audience.  Vitiligo Bond has established 5 state proclamations in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Colorado with other states to follow.  These proclamations acknowledge June as Vitiligo Awareness Month as well as a special recognition day on June 25.

Vitiligo Support International (VSI) is a nonprofit organization from Lynchburg (VA) providing support, information and educational resources for vitiligo patients, their families, and health professionals. 
Vitiligo Society of Kenya (VISOKE): Beauty Beyond the Skin

Zanderm is young costmetics company from New York state commited to developing best camouflage products for vitiligo community.

Croatian Dermatovenereological Society organises and supports public health activities: fight against melanoma – EMD, psoriasis, chronic wounds, and cooperates with the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in scientific matters. CDS is also a member of the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS).

MBWF - Make a Better World Foundation (Italy), an Italian non-profit Association in memory of Michael Jackson, a long-time vitiligo sufferer, and for the benefit of every vitiligo sufferer in the world. The MBWF Foundation is committed to various projects to help persons in need, principally sick children based on the same dream that Michael Jackson shared with all his followers: to make the world a better place for everyone.


VitiligoMatch is the online meeting place for vitiligo community. Chat, exchange photos or meet in person! You will "feel at home" here.

The name Coolibar comes from a eucalyptus tree found in the harsh Australian outback. Our company, like the Coolibar tree, provides welcome relief and protection from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays.


Natural CōTZ® sunscreens feel wonderful and provide outstanding protection.


Recouleur® is the flagship brand of Supernatural Health, Inc. – a Chicago-based company founded in 2003 by Audrey VanStockum for the purpose of delivering safe nutritional solutions for the treatment of vitiligo, skin pigment loss, and gray hair.




Why Is It Important

There are a lot of people who don't want you to stand up for your rights and demand a cure. They say vitiligo is not life threatening and not contagious, and you must embrace a life of a pariah, hiding yourself from sunlight and from the society.

Vitiligo is an under-researched disease resulting in milky white skin patches on the skin. The breadth and complexity of the disease require international collaboration in therapy development. The severity of the disease calls for national healthcare support.

So, speak up for your condition and your rights. Sign the letter to tell the UN Secretary-General that you want recognition and support. It would be appreciated if you could give every member of your family or group an opportunity for signing.

Signatures count

We have collected 503191 signatures of the target 500000 (100.64%). Now let’s get 1 million signatures!


Firmly committed to curing Vitiligo, the VR Foundation is a non-profit organization funding and fast-tracking medical research globally. We challenge the disease of vitiligo with educational and medicinal enlightenment. We care; we educate; we advance knowledge. We are the VR Foundation.

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